• amyjo

      No . . . even I have to admit, the photo\’s kinda cool. Imagine how cool it would have been if the sun had been shining on it?! 🙂

  1. Gah, I'm sorry. Last year my boyfriend's back window got bashed out by a skateboarder. And then his entire car was crushed by the apartment garage door. So, at least you're not him?

    I hope your day gets better
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  2. So sorry to hear this, Amy! My car was broken into twice – broken windows and stolen radio both times – so I know exactly how you feel. Don't you worry, karma will come to bites those hooligans (in the you know what!) for what they did. Hope things are brighter this weekend. xo

    • amyjo

      Oh, no! So wrong, on so many levels! But, yeah, on Facebook one of my friends wrote, \”I hope Karma bitch slaps them!\” 🙂

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