1. Erin

    Oooo I'm all about the beer margarita! So frothy and tequila-y. And dangerous. YUM!

    • amyjo

      Yeah, you\’ve got to watch \’ritas anyway . . . they\’re sneaky fellows! 🙂

  2. Relyn

    I'm with you. I love May so much that I went to great lengths to get married this month. Now, nearly 20 years ago.

    • amyjo

      GASP! Nearly 20 years? What an accomplishment . . . Congrats! (May does make for a lovely backdrop to a wedding. Sigh.)

  3. ilaquinn

    Best margarita I have had is at Carona Village in Meridian. Their top shelf margarita is the bomb! Plus they have a cheese dip that makes my mouth water just thinking about it…

    • amyjo

      Mmm . . . queso. And today\’s the perfect excuse to over indulge–thanks for the tip! 🙂

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