With our face toward the sun

The weather here is a bit unfortunate. The sun comes and goes–even when it’s out, it’s chilly. The wind whips, the rain falls (I’m starting to sound like a broken record). My poppies refuse to show their face; my tomato plants are looking disgruntled.

I can’t say I blame them.

While it’s helpful in terms of watering the yard, it’s not so helpful in terms of other things–my toes, for instance. They’re in need of a fresh coat of paint . . . but I’m too cold to get it done.

I guess we should be thankful they have any color at all. You know those women who wear sandals with five inch heels, even in the midst of a blizzard, just to show off their pedicures? I’m not one of them. This year proved all the worse. The whole month of May passed with nothing but pasty white legs and naked nails–a travesty if ever there was one!

June seemed to kick it in gear; I began layering on the tan-in-a-can and brushing on a coat of paint. Of course, I used a new tanning lotion, excuse me luminous bronzer, for a beautifully radiant sun-kissed look. Yeah, it did nothing for me, except add sparkles–something I failed to notice until standing outside. Blood red toes, ghost-white legs that sparkle in the sun . . . I looked like a dadgum vampire.

Oh well, what can you do? Nothing, except keep your face toward the sun (even if it’s hiding)–and try again tomorrow.

Thankfully, tomorrow is Saturday. With that, I hope the sun finds you, wherever you may roam . . .

Bright, happy weekend wishes to you, my friends!


    • amyjo

      That would be AWESOME! Because I\’m so white it\’s absurd. It would be a win + win! 🙂

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