1. I did not know that story about the acorn. I needed these around my childhood home – my parents used to tell me if you misbehaved, you'd get struck by lightning
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    • amyjo

      Or, just the necklace–then you can be as ornery as you please, and when your parents warned you, you could simply point to your neck and say, \”No, I\’m covered . . . \”

      You\’re right. It may be best you didn\’t have them . . . 🙂

  2. dancingwithashley

    I love hearing "legends" behind different things!

    This necklace is great! Just in time for fall.

    • amyjo

      Agreed–on both accounts! 🙂

      Actually, the acorn story was relatively new to me–it\’s interesting to know why acorns adorn buildings, the cords of blinds, etc.

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