1. kristi

    cutest scarf ever! I was going to see how much it cost so I could get it for you. Then I saw it was a kid's scarf. It made me question my fashion sense. 🙂

    • moi

      Yes, well, I started by talking about a search for me when I happened upon that–it wasn’t entirely clear. Although, there is a fine line. I would be this * close to wearing it myself! 🙂

  2. Lisa

    Hi All, I recently bought the Fox scarf myself from Tre Melarance.
    The scarf is super soft and so well made! I'm really pleased. I actually want one myself. The shop owner assured me she can make it a little longer when I inquired 😛

  3. amyjo

    Thanks for popping in, Lisa. It's always good to hear from someone who has experienced the softness for herself. Also, good to know it can be made for us bigger 'kids' . . . 🙂

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