1. Tristan B.

    What a great find Amy! I love these, so simple + creative. It was SO cold yesterday morning we had frost all over our lawn and the dogs refused to walk (Californians that they are). I can't wait to have some down time to just read, no conversation, just a quiet moment with myself and a good book!

    • amyjo

      Aren\’t they fabulous? I love them so . . .

      And the poor pups; they\’re probably wondering what they did to deserve a move from the land of sunshine! If it\’s any consolation, I don\’t really love the frost either. I find the quickest way to ease the pain is wrapping up in a faux fur blanket. The luxuriusly softness is bit of heaven, perfect for snuggling in to a good book or, you know, keeping wee paws toasty!

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