A little corny perhaps


Hi there and hello,

Here’s a bit of Friday morning trivia for you: Thanksgiving, 1630, English colonists had their first date with popcorn. A Native American by the name of Quadequine made the introduction.

It was a good day.

Can you imagine–seeing popcorn for the first time? With no stove tops or microwaves it had to be something akin to magic. I wonder what they thought of it all; if they associated popcorn with Thanksgiving from that moment forward; if they even liked it?

I know for me, there was a time when I’d only take my popcorn with chocolate drizzle or peanut butter {Mmm . . . peanut butter popcorn}. Today I tend only stray from the cheesy corn {bleck!}.

So why do I yammer on? I don’t even know. Except it’s been a bit of a week. Not bad, mind you, just . . . not entirely the best in all the land. I’m definitely ready for the weekend. A big bowl of popcorn and a good movie sounds all sorts of fabulous right about now. I’m not sure where I’ll fit it in, but by George, I’m gonna give it a try.

And you?

Whatever you have on your agenda, I hope it might include a little something new–maybe introduce something you love to another–and may your heart overflow with thankfulness for the goodness of your days.

Happiest of weekend wishes to you!


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