1. I agree! That’s why we decided to purchase an older house with good bones and tons of character! You can tell it was loved and it was a home right from the start 🙂

  2. I never really appreciated old neighborhoods until I lived in one that was slowly being brought back to life in Houston. Now, it's where I go to find the coolest and quirkiest houses for my blog and future dream home.

    And to your comment on my blog post – La Madeleine is my mom's favourite restaurant, if not for their Sacher torte alone
    My recent post A throwback weekend

    • amyjo

      Old neighborhoods being brought back to life makes me giddy. Love it!

      And I'm so glad to hear La Madeleine's is your mom's favorite . . . it means they haven't gone downhill. I hate to say that, but nowadays it seems you never know!

  3. Me, too. Me, too. I wish we could afford to live in a old house in an old, shady neighborhood. We'd have to give up our book buying habit though. Not sure we can do that.

    • amyjo

      Apparently, it's a tad too early in the morning. When I first read your comment I thought, "Relyn, I'm not sure you want to live in a shady neighborhood. Old yet upright is a much better way to go about it."

      And there's really only one answer if the buying of books is put into question: stay put, buy more books. Your neighborhood will be old and shady, soon enough . . . 😉

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