That big band magic

Ever had one of those days when just thinking of all you have to accomplish makes you tired?

Today is one of those days.

I need a bit of pep.

And what can put a spring in your step quite like big band music? Yeah, I can’t imagine either . . .

Big bands always remind me of the stories the old girls tell. The CliffsNotes, as it were, everything seems more vibrant and exciting. For example, during WWII, they never let rations on rubber and leather, nylon and silk get in the way of fashion. They simply painted their legs a darker shade, drew a line down the back, threw on some t-straps, and set off for the dance hall. That’s where they’d dance the night away to the likes of a little ditty James Melvin “Jimmie” Lunceford and his orchestra recorded in 1941 called “Battle Axe” . . .

Close your eyes and you’re right along with them, sipping a gin sour, tapping your toes, and preparing to jitterbug your way into the night. For a moment in time, the past mingles with the present, and just like that, the cares of the world cease to exist.

That’s the magic of big band . . .


    • amyjo

      I'm mid-craziness, but I must say . . . my spirits are always lifted with a visit from you! 🙂

      And yes, yes they did! Really . . . I should do a whole post. There are some great stories!

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