Of course I did, don’t be silly

Given the last few weddings were remarkably uneventful in terms of personal questions, I figured I had passed the stage wherein everyone inquires as to your marital status.

The last wedding indicates it might not be so . . .

Are you married? Did you ever get married? When’s it going to be your turn? (I’ve not heard that one for a good decade) Why aren’t you married–what’s the matter with you? (admittedly, I only heard that one once and it took all I my willpower not to sucker punch the fellow–which really, if you think about it it, would have been something, because I could have made myself feel better and answered his question all at once).

Needless to say, with so many versions of the question, No, seems so pallid.

I need to up my game.

I’m considering donning a ring . . .


{set of two small leave rings by Every Bear Jewel}

Then, when people inquire, I’ll tell them I did indeed get married. And when they ask about him, I’ll respond all mysterious-like. He’s undercover. I can’t really talk about it . . . and go on eating my cake, as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

Of course, I could forgo the ring and say something completely scandalous like, Yes, I’m married; but I like to leave the ring at home, in case I find someone I like better.

OK, rewind. I feel smarmy even joking about that. So you’ve got to offer more suggestions; after all, a girl’s gotta have options . . .


  1. cheryoncake

    I must admit to getting so angry at these people who think they have the right to ask these questions. Why do they do it? Stupidity? Superiority? Senility?? No really, don't get me started. Meanwhile, that ring is beautiful. I love it.

    • amyjo

      Hahaha! It's always good times when you snicker in a corner by yourself, and make people wonder . . . 🙂

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