1. cheryoncake

    It's strange – I normally have a list of weddings to attend each summer but this year …nothing. We went to one a few weeks ago but that's it. Nothing to look forward to, no ideas to steal for my daughter's wedding – whenever that may happen!! Enjoy your busy weekend – it doesn't sound like you'll get round to doing the nothing bit !!

    • amyjo

      Why, thank you!

      And yes, I do love a good wedding to steal ideas . . . although now, I'm getting to the age where I have to restrain myself when an 20 year old plays, "At Last" as their song. 🙂

    • amyjo

      It is, isn't it?! I do love a good wedding celebration, I must admit. And yet, I've been in enough weddings to understand why couples elope! 🙂

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