A colorful celebration

Boise celebrates its 150th birthday this year. Bits of history are flying about like flies at a picnic. It’s terribly interesting, seeing from whence we came. A lot has changed since those early days of wooden sidewalks and horse drawn carriages. Not that it’s saying much, mind you. A lot has changed since I was a kid. At least some things remain from my childhood. For instance, it’s summer—inevitably that means kids will take to the sidewalks with sticks of brightly colored chalk, to doodle or prepare for a rousing game of hop scotch. Of course, it’s not just for kids anymore. Here in the city of trees, the fourth of July gives artists of all ages and abilities the chance to showcase their work. They congregate in Ann Morrison Park, with a section of sidewalk as their canvas, they sit down to draw their masterpieces. As the hours pass, the rest of us meander through—some straight from floating the river, others sipping freshly squeezed lemonade—and we vote for our favorite.* Here’s a bit what it’s like—to get the full effect, simply imagine 90+ degree (F) temps, an overcast sky, and a light breeze. Naturally, the sound of birds chirping and kids squealing with delight as they run through the fountain fill the air . . .




*This last one was our favorite!


    • amyjo

      I was a little surprised people could handle sitting on the sidewalks . . . even with a jacket down. They must be lizards. Or aliens.

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