1. cheryoncake

    Ah, have a great holiday weekend. I think one of my first trips to America included a Labor Day weekend so fond memories. As for "the list" don't talk to me about it – mine is now two pages long ! Too much adding and not enough ticking off !!!
    Have fun x

    • amyjo

      Oh, I\’m right there with you. And if yesterday\’s any indication, it\’s not to be whittled down any time soon. Still, a girl can dream . . . 🙂

      Thanks for the wishes! x

  2. Happy long weekend and I hope you get the rest and relaxation you're after. I've loaded up on books for this weekend and should spend most of my time curled up in a reading position, which bodes well for our book reviews 🙂
    My recent post Life Lessons: #5

    • amyjo

      So nice of you to spend part of your holiday with a visit. Obviously, the holiday has thrown me completely off as I'm just now commenting–and one post so far this week! 🙂

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