The same, and yet different

My, what a difference a few months makes. In the springtime, we consider sixty-four degrees (F) a heat wave.  Temperatures rising past sixty call for shorts and flip-flops, afternoons spent basking in the glorious sunlight.  We may even munch on a carrot stick or two, just for good measure. Now that fall has arrived, it’s an altogether different story. Just like that, sixty-four degrees becomes sweater and scarf weather. We feel compelled to nestle in with a cup of steaming hot goodness, light candles, and bake us a little comfort. It’s one of the reasons I love living in a town with four seasons. Even when things are the same, they are different.

Still, the autumn season remains a favorite; here’s just a hint as to why . . . 


Autumn acorns | Unwined candles | Simple fall wreath: The Gathering Place Design | Hand knitted sweater | Autumn spice spiced honey tea | Autumn aspen forest mugs


    • amyjo

      You know, Yankee candles remain a favorite, simply because they burn so nicely. For tapers, I try to look for European candles–Europeans tend to know a thing or two about making good drip-less tapers. But really, when it comes to candles, I'm pretty much equal opportunity–so long as it's not jelly (those are a fire hazard) or in the shape of something. Burning the head off a deer (for instance) is so wrong, on so many levels . . .

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