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Could I be a worse blogger? Wait, let’s not tempt fate.

This week I had every intention to rally, mind you–right until I went to work to find our company is being acquaried by another. No immediate job loss, mind you, but for a whole lot of nothing, it sure takes a lot out of a person. All I want is to do is stuff my nose in a good book, take a nap, maybe eat my weight in chocolate. OK, now that I think about it, that’s really nothing new . . .

Anyway, it is the weekend, and the weekend’s always good! Better yet, it’s a long weekend for me, since my mum and I are taking a couple days to visit my aunt. We plan to spa, watch chick flicks, and celebrate the my favorite season of all.

That’s right, the first day of autumn is Sunday; the mere thought makes me giddy.

So to you, my dear, brave readers I hope the days ahead are rich with color — and may you have at least one thing for which to raise a glass in celebration . . .

Happy weekend, to you!


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