Full of somethin’


I don’t know about you, but the week positively flew!

It was not without oddities, mind you.

For example, I stepped out to leave a professional phone message with a photographer. I kindly said goodbye and pressed “End Call” before attempting to open the door to our offices without a keycard. I oomph-ed; my body ricocheted off the door; I exclaimed, “Crikey!”

And that’s about the time I looked down to see my attempt to “End Call” didn’t quite do the trick.

I’ve heard of friends and family that I’m not alone. This week has served others a slice of humble pie, stress on a platter—you know, the things we’re eager to cut back on.

Personally, I like to think it’s not our fault. The man in the moon is up to shenanigans. Of course, it does no good to point fingers. So I’ll simply say this: we have the coming days to recover. May we do so with great aplomb . . .

Happy weekend wishes to you!


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