1. Relyn

    This reminds me of one of my students last year. She came in the next morning after Halloween completely disgusted. Her comment? One lady gave me a toothbrush! I'm still snickering a year later.

    To answer your question, I HATE creepy costumes. I am a teacher and you wouldn't believe how many second graders watch the most inappropriate things.

    • amyjo

      Ha! That's hilarious! That would be the worst thing ever for a kid . . . 🙂

      And I'm with you on the costumes. Just the ones that come to my door . . I love the fun ones, the creative ones, the cute ones . . . they tend to be the ones I gush over. Then there'll be a completely creepy costume. And really, all I can say is, "Eeh, you're scary." 🙂

    • amyjo

      Oh good, we'd get along swimmingly on Halloween. We could sip warm beverages . . . maybe you could whip up a special GL delight and we'd laugh at something ridiculous!

      You know, this year Ellen sent Amy and Andy to the haunted house; well, his last sentiment is mine as well, 'I do not understand why people pay to go through this' (paraphrased, I'm sure, because I was too busy laughing–nervous laughter, mind you, but laughter all the same. 🙂

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