Sweet celebration


{New dream print by Skel Design}

You will not believe–they changed the music in the lobby, at work.  Did security get tired of watching the same moves? Did people complain about the short redhead who would not stop tapping her toes and–for the love of God and all that is holy–smiling? Did the powers that be read my blog and fear an actual flash mob? Whatever the story, tunes from the last decade now drone quietly overhead. It’s a bit of a disappointment.

Thankfully, that’s my only real complaint of the week. So I’m hitting the weekend in rare form.

To kick it all off, the grand opening for Just Baked Boise is today and tomorrow. A couple friends from work and I are planning a field trip for treats. Actually, we went to Bee Wise Goods and The Soda Works yesterday, because we knew we wouldn’t have time to see it all today (and, let’s face it, we wanted an excuse to get out of the basement)–which means we got a sneak peak at the wee bakery. It’s completely adorable.  So exciting . . .

Saturday we’ll be celebrating my grandma’s birthday at “the home” with the old girls. I do love a good party.

No plans for the remainder of the weekend–except maybe copious amounts of good coffee, lots of laughter, and some productivity thrown in for good measure. Who knows? Given birthdays and dreams come true, I just might set a new goal, or dream a new dream, myself.

What about you?

Whatever your plans, I hope your weekend serves up a little something special . . .

Sweet + colorful weekend wishes to you!


  1. cheryoncake

    Thank you for that. I woke up feeling that perhaps I am too old to be chasing my creative dreams but seeing your post has re-inspired me. You have a great weekend. How lucky you are to still have your grandma

    • amyjo

      Oh, I'm so glad–that warms my heart! And no, you're never too old . . . so long as you're here, and you're able to give it a go. I must remind myself of this regularly, as well. But look at Grandma Moses–she started painting in her seventies. And she took it up because she needed a gift for her postman, her hands were too arthritic to embroider a gift, and it "was easier to make [a painting] than to bake a cake over a hot stove." Ha! I love that story . . .

  2. decoybetty

    I hope that the change in music doesn't mean that kesha is playing in the lobby? Because seriously.

    No real plans for the weekend. It's raining today, so I'm thinking of taking it as an excuse to curl up on the couch.

    • amyjo

      Don't even say it out loud . . . You're freakin' me out! 🙂

      And curling up on the couch is what you do when it's raining, right? Needless to say, I'm hoping for rain tomorrow . . . I think it sounds positively delightful!

    • amyjo

      I know . . . so rude!

      You know, books are really the only collection worth having. Collect owls, for instance, and friends will buy you owls ad naueum . . . but you can never have too many books, right?! Pretty sure.

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