Good luck to us!


Happy Friday the 13th!

Personally, I’m hoping for the best. I mean really, the week’s already been full of peril. Take Wednesday, for instance.  Wednesday, I awoke tired; frigid temps and annoying commuters did nothing to sweeten my disposition. So, in an effort to avoid pleasantries, I opted to use the back entrance of the office building. I swiped my card, stepped into the revolving door, started walking . . . and walked right into the glass pane. The door, you see, had stopped—midway, with me stuck in the middle.

You recall I chose the backdoor to avoid people, right? M-hmm . . .

So there I was, flopping about like a fish in an empty bowl, frantically looking for a panic button (there was none). So I began to plot my course. Do I scream? Do I pound wildly on the door?  I opted to squeeze my holiday sized self through a wee opening.

As if that weren’t enough, yesterday, as I left work, I attempted to walk and text at the same time (bad idea). Not really paying attention (also bad), I slammed my full body weight into the door . . . and ricocheted off. The door didn’t budge. That couldn’t be right, so I tried again. No avail. After two more failed attempts, I decided to plaster my body against the wall and pretend I was too engrossed in texting to care to leave. My hope, you see, was that the fellow on the other side of the window, would leave and we could pretend that little scenario never happened.

Alas, he opened the door: “Do you need some help? You were looking a little panicked.” Do ya think? I only bounced off the door four times!

Needless to say, here’s hoping I got weirdness out of the way for the lot of us; here’s hoping for a weekend of smooth sailing; here’s hoping, as we attempt to get a handle on Christmas festivities, we find nothing but luck . . .

Here’s to you, my friends, and a good weekend!





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