1. cheryoncake

    I love this story! It's so good to be able to sit and chat….and drink….and chat. It's terribly brave of you to even consider getting up to tell a story without a script. I'd be a jibbering wreck. My reckless story – saying yes when my now husband asked me to marry him….the day after we met !!
    My recent post Fifty for Fifty

    • amyjo

      Your love story has become one of my all time favorites! The love story of your parents, as well. No pressure on your kids or anything, but . . .

  2. LOL at your chicken nugget story. Are you talking about my life? Oh I have so many good reckless stories. Jumping into the ocean fully clothed at midnight in Hawaii is the one I can think of off the top of my head. Do you slightly embellish your stories?

    • amyjo

      Jumping into a body of water fully clothed sounds like a good idea . . . until you have to get out of the water. Eeh.

      As for embellishment, I\’m sure I must. The humble pie episodes really do transpire pretty much as I describe them. Sadly. But there are things like–remember the time I was going to hike Camel\’s Back park with my cousin and I drove up and the hill looked like Everest? I doesn\’t, naturally . . . but in my mind, it truly was spectacular. Ere go, a quick getaway . . . followed by McDonalds. I\’m sensing a theme . . . 🙂

  3. I love this post!! ALL OF IT! I love the idea of Story Story Night. I love that you and your girlfriends were having too much fun to be bothered to leave. I love the thought of what you might say if you did get up there. I love the thought of what I might say. I want to go. I really, really want to go. __As to my reckless story? I have a lot of them. Riding a camel in Egypt to the pyramids was great. I was young – about 18. My camel herder/ guide guy took me off by myself waaaaay away from the crowd, and tried to bully me into giving him a huge tip. It may have been pretty reckless to refuse, but I did. I don't repond well to being bullied. Never have. After a lot of badgering and verbal bullying, he told me to get off the camel. He said he was going to leave me alone in the desert. I told him, "That's fine. I can walk back. And when I get there, I'll be sure to tell your boss what you did." He took me back – on the camel. Without a tip. And, I talked to his boss anyway. ____I think he got fired. Poor schmuck. He tried to bully the wrong tourist.

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