1. Karla

    Ames. Such a treasure. As today was, well, challenging (intended italics mine), I felt an obligatory nudge to check in on my colleague's rantings. Instead, i find salve for the soul. What a fine day for it too, being Ash Wednesday and all. You see, during my midday escape, I happened across a frocked priest standing on the street corner. I kid you not! The sign read "Ashes on the Move." I had divinely encountered a mobile Ash Wednesday! I dutifully and joyfully tossed back the bangs and received my charcoal signature and was handed a printed prayer as i left. It encouraged me to find rest for the soul. A tough sell on a challenging (still can't find the italics) day. But tonight, as I pour over your site and writings, I realize I have. This is a lovely place. Thank you for an answered prayer.

    • amyjo

      Thanks for popping in and leaving such a lovely, kind comment. Also, that story! \”Ashes on the Move\” . . . I can\’t tell you how much I love it!

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