1. cheryoncake

    That wind sounds so serious and potentially dangerous….but you made me laugh with the effect on your hair. I felt guilty laughing but it was funny. Sounds like you had a good St, Paddy's day so hope the recovery is swift! xx
    My recent post Happy Blogging Birthday

  2. mrs. smythe

    Your soda bread looks beautiful! I was so intrigued by the recipes you posted, but knew I'd end up eating everything myself, as the family is pretty timid about trying new fare. That bread looks really, really good, though.

    • amyjo

      Why, thank you–it was the first time I dumped in some raisins. And for the record, there are two of us here–we\’ve eaten Irish fare all week. Perhaps next year you should come visit and help us out . . . 😉

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