1. mrs. smythe

    Sounds like she was a wonderful person to have known. I love the story about the rainbow. Also – I loved that you snort laughed. The hymn situation would have struck me as funny, too. Moments like that are priceless – and sometimes exactly what we need!
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    • mrs. smythe

      Just wanted to tack on that I stopped at the park with the kids yesterday – totally unplanned. I want to be more of a rainbow-following mom, I decided. Thanks for the inspiration.
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    • amyjo

      Isn\’t it a lovely story? What a lovely gift to give your child . . . a hint of magic and a heart for adventure . . . and laughter. Always laughter.

  2. It's all so beautiful, the happiness and the grief and all the shades in between. I've got a book for you to read (if you haven't already): The Snow Child. It's joy and sadness all wrapped up in one. Don't forget to smile today!
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      • amyjo

        So, naturally, I had to go look it up on Amazon . . . it sounds magical. I don\’t really love the sadness bit, however . . . but I\’ll try to be brave at some point, and give it a try! 🙂

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