1. My grandfather once planted HUGE sunflowers outside our kitchen and it was so fun watching the birds come eat the sunflower seeds… until we started getting mice. Not so fun then…

    • amyjo

      It really is ridiculously fun to watch them! Sometimes when I get home from work, they\’re yammering so loud, I swear there\’s a bird IN the house. But no, they\’re just enjoying an early dinner . . .

  2. mrs. smythe

    I LOVE this! Your sunflowers are amazing and so varied…and the birds! So fun. And that you get those without any effort…! We have a hard time growing sunflowers here because the squirrels and chipmunks go after the seeds. This year, I've managed to get a few to come up and I'm eagerly awaiting their blooms.

    • amyjo

      If you can get a few sunflowers to grow, I bet you\’ll be on your way! Like I said, our seeds are always a bit on the pathetic side, but the birds help spread the sunshine . . . and, apparently, they have the magic touch when it comes to sunflower seeds. 🙂

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