Well, hello there!

So nice of you to drop by.

I’m Amy–Amy Jo to be precise.  I was named after my mom’s favorite characters in Little Women. That and both names happen to be short—my consolation prize for having a last name that’s entirely too long.

I spent the first few years of my life living in an old clapboard house, surrounded by farmland. Our nearest neighbor lived a good couple blocks away, and my brother didn’t arrive on the scene for five years . . .

{People say I’ve a flair for the dramatic; I haven’t a clue where they get that.}

So it was imaginary lands became my playground, invisible creatures, my friends. Occasionally, I’d share a story or two. Before I learned to write, I would dictate to my grandmother; she would jot them down, I would draw the illustrations. They were amazing works of literature, let me tell you—with gripping titles the likes of “A Dark and Scary Night” and “The Love Sick Frog.”

Now that I mention it, not much has changed, today.  Sure, I have a few more grey hairs, a few more crows feet . . .

{Ah, cinnamon, how we love your effect}

But the important stuff remains constant. I still love chocolate, a good pair of shades, and hanging with the fam. I love to laugh. I love stories–in books and film, music and photographs.  And I love to write. I make my living writing copy for businesses of all sorts and varieties. You might say I help companies tell their stories.

My staff looks something like this . . .

{The Office Manager; aka Teenie Longfellow, Miss, Pitty-Pit}

{The Intern; aka Shakespeare, Mr. Bean, Bob LaBa, Weirds}

And yes, I still imagine tales. I’ve got a million starts and stops, if I have one.

That, you see, is where the blog comes in.

Magpie & Muttonfly was started as a dare. A friend—in a desperate attempt to get me to finish something {anything!} all my own—dared me to start a blog.  A blog, she reasoned, would keep me writing a little something, every day.

So what, you ask, does it mean? Years ago, as I sat, intently watching the clock {as good State employees do} “magpie and muttonfly” popped into my head. Yeah, I don’t know either, but I wrote it down, just in case it would come in handy.  And what do you know—years later, as I prepared to start a blog, it did.

This was my very first post.

After that, I wrote about one post a year for the next few years.

What can I say? I took me awhile to get my groove.

Today, Magpie & Muttonfly is made up of personal posts, a little of my story–and comments, a little of your story. Everything in between? Well, I like to think they’re the things that make all our stories grand . . .