A wee fireside

I’m smitten with Woodwick candles–hopefully your love affair has been carrying on for some time. 

In my defense, I had a good excuse for holding back.  The only “crackle” of a candle I had experienced was the occasional crack and pop of a regular wick–nothing quite like the threat of an impending fire to extinguish the mood.   

Thank goodness I finally caved–or, more to the point, thank goodness I was given one as a gift and felt compelled to light it at least once …  under close supervision.   

Now I shall never be without one.  Sigh. 

Their light scent and soft crackle create a lovely ambiance.  And they’re the perfect accompaniment to reading, writing, or organizing photos.  Dare I say they’re actually inspiring?  Oh yes, I think I might …


Have I mentioned how I love Swedish glass?  Yes?  Well, no doubt I’ll say it again … like now, for instance.  I mean really, just take a look at this …

{Kosta Boda Chateau wine glass, by Bertil Vallien}

Like sculpted ice, non?  Perfect for toasting life’s occassions … a new year, the one you love, the fact that winter cannot last forever … you know, all things worth celebrating in these first few months!