My brother

Twenty-nine years ago today my baby brother was born.  And I was mortified.  At five years of age, I had pretty much everything figured out.  I knew what I wanted.  And what I wanted was a baby sister.  I had specifically requested such.  But what did I get?  A BROTHER!  For the love of God and all that is holy, how could that be?

Yeah, I couldn’t imagine either; but it seemed MOST unfortunate.  Especially when he lopped Barbie’s head off, scribbled black permanent marker all over Chatty Cathy’s face, and claimed MY little green army men as his own.


Then there were our different ideas of fun.  For instance, I thought playing school was a splendid idea.  I, of course, would the teacher while wee boys of the family (I was WOEFULLY outnumbered mind you) would be my pupils.  What’s not to love about that?  They, however, had other ideas.  While I was painstakingly assigning MOUNDS of homework, they were lassoing my legs and performing run-by-shootings (little did I know, some day that would be school).     

On and on it goes …

But a funny thing happens the older you get.  Suddenly you realize maybe you didn’t have it all figured after all. 

I can’t tell you when exactly it happened.  All I know is one day I looked at my brotherme_josh_party and realized his smile could light up a room.  I saw his talent for computers and drafting, storytelling and photography and realized he could succeed at anything he put his hand to.  I sensed his humor and realized together we could, quite possibly, be the most hilarious people around!  I realized that of all the people in the world, I’d rather be with my “little” brother than just about anyone.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still whine.  Quite often actually.  Only today my whining consists not of having a brother – but that he lives clear across the ocean.  I bemoan – not because I have to spend time with him – but because I must rely upon IM, or email, or the tele to do so. 

me_josh_grad Life has a funny way of turning things around.  Twenty-nine years ago, what I thought to be – quite possibly – God’s first mistake, proved to be God’s most precious gift of all.  For not only did I receive a sibling, but a friend as well. 

AND, for the record, I did receive my sister.  Just not as I had imagined.  My brother married a wonderful European girl who understands my need for candles and coffee and tea.  She’s BEAUTIFUL, smart, funny, kind-hearted, and stronger than she knows.  And we love her.  Sigh.   

You might say I ended up with a two-for-one deal.  And that makes me the least bit unfortunate; that makes me the luckiest girl in the world.