A good reason to celebrate

I get to spend the weekend with these two goofballs. The fellows shall golf and we shall . . . well, who really knows what we shall do, but I’m fairly certain it will involve shenanigans of one sort or another.

And laughter, we mustn’t forget the laughter.

Of all the things my mom has taught me, laughter may be the most important. It lays such a strong foundation. As a matter of fact, I attribute a good dose of humor (and the ability to make the best of what you’ve got) as the reason I’ve always enjoyed the likes of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day . . . even when I wasn’t in love; even though I’ll never be a mama.

A light heart, with nary a hint of bitterness? Now that’s a precious gift–and one of the many reasons I look forward to celebrating her this weekend.

With that, I hope you’re headed into a weekend of celebration all your own (with or without Mother’s Day). Better yet, I hope the hours are filled with the music of laughter, and memories that carry with them a lifetime of happiness.